Timeline Content

  • Morning
    • Drop off: 8:30-9:00AM (outside)
    • At 9:00 AM campers are divided into their camp groups and head off to their camp room to do hands-on activities until lunch.
  • Lunch / Snacks

    Campers are expected to pack a morning and afternoon snack as well as a lunch. SuperNOVA is a NUT FREE camp. Weather permitting; lunch takes place outdoors from 12:00PM -1:00 PM and is combined with physical activity and games.

  • Afternoon

    Following their lunch break, campers continue working on hands-on projects and activities until 4:00 PM when outdoor supervision begins.

  • End of day pick-up

    Camper pick-up starts at 4:00 PM and features a mix of supervised physical activities and quiet activities. Pick-up is usually outside, weather permitting. To ensure the safety of all involved, only authorized individuals will be able to pick-up your camper and will be required to present valid identification.
    All drop off and pick up will take place outside, parents are not permitted inside facilities and are required to socially distance in drop-off areas.