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Land-based Education Program


Melkiknuawti (mel-gig-new-oh-di), (that which gives you strength), describes the Mi’kmaw idea of “nature” as a path of strength. The Melkiknuawti Land-based Education Program will bring Indigenous youth from Acadia First Nation together at Windhorse, a 200-acre preserve of pristine Nova Scotia forest where they will have the unique opportunity to learn on the land. Aligning STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education with local Indigenous knowledge, the Land-based Education Program will be led by staff and outreach instructors from SuperNOVA and Ulnooweg Education Centre, alongside local Knowledge Keepers and Elders who will contribute cultural knowledge and traditional teachings. Working with Acadia First Nation, SuperNOVA in collaboration with Ulnooweg, will deliver locally-relevant content that is aligned with community priorities and education goals. In its inaugural year, the Land-based Education Program with Acadia First Nation will build the foundation upon which this program will continue to grow, providing meaningful educational experiences for Indigenous youth in Atlantic Canada.

Update: Registration is now open to ALL Indigenous youth ages 13-18!

Summer 2022 Land-Based Education Program:

Program Dates: August 15-20, 2022
Program Location: Windhorse, 129 Sarty Road, Wentzells Lake, NS
Cost: This program is free of charge
Eligibility: Indigenous high school students age 13-18

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You can find our press release for the Melkiknuawti program below:

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