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Classroom Workshops

SuperNOVA offers free classroom workshops for Grades P-12 in French and English on a variety of STEM topics.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Grades: P–9

SuperNOVA’s workshops are designed to directly connect to Nova Scotia provincial curriculum objectives with hands-on, engaging projects and activities. Workshops are in-person.



Primary students will learn about the world through their senses, exploring different materials and objects and how we understand them.

ACES (Atlantic Clean Energy Stewards)

Grades: 3–8


(Grade 3/4) Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and Sources of Clean Hydrogen. 

To learn about clean hydrogen, students will build a model hydrogen fuel cell car during the in-person, hands-on workshop. The lesson will discuss the limitations of electric vehicles and methods of producing electricity locally. An explanation of how clean hydrogen is produced will follow and the students will learn about electrolysis and build a small car that runs on hydrogen produced via electrolysis. The workshop will close with a debrief of how hydrogen fuel cells do not contribute to GHG and how they provide the necessary power and range for transport vehicles.  

Check out the Making Hydrogen Extension Activity to continue to explore the concept of electrolysis by watching water split when mixed with different mediums. 

For more ACES (Grade 3/4) content be sure to check-out the Worksheet & Video 


Grades: P–12

CodeMakers allows students to explore technologies, coding and artificial intelligence (AI) and their real world applications, fostering a meaningful connection to digital literacy. By providing youth with opportunities to develop digital literacy and analytical skills SuperNOVA is contributing to the Canadian economy by ensuring youth are prepared for the demands of the future workforce.

Workshops are in-person, unless otherwise requested.



Students will be introduced to the field of computer science and how it connects to the world around them while using Quiver.

Sea to School

Grades: 4-6

Sea to School showcases the multidisciplinary nature of ocean sciences and aligns ocean literacy principles with core curriculum, building students’ foundational knowledge about the ocean.

Through the Sea to School program, we will aim to integrate ocean concepts throughout the curriculum and include connections to science, language arts and mathematics. 

Sea to School is available in classrooms as single workshops or a multi-workshop series. For more info on the Multi-workshop series please email

Workshops are Virtual, unless otherwise stated

Sea to School Single Workshops:

  • Learn about ROV exploration and the technology that lets us see below the surface of the ocean! In this interactive lesson, students collect data from ROV video footage recorded locally and compare the biodiversity community in an ocean near you. 

    Class Materials: computer with speakers and internet connection, projector

    Student Materials (per group of 4): pencil, worksheet print-out, ID sheets, computer/Chromebook