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Teaching Resources


Supernova Created Content

We’re currently developing new content for teachers and are looking for feedback. We’ll be setting up this space to accommodate that, but in the meantime, please email with any comments/suggestions. There are also STEM links in all of our ‘At Home Learning‘ content as well, with potential to use as standalone ‘lesson activities’ or developed into larger projects.

Watch this space for more SuperNOVA-created content coming soon! Here is the current selection:

Computer Science

This is our YouTube playlist with videos designed to introduce you to the software Scratch, to help you develop your understanding of the different aspects of the tool.

Other Useful Links

[TryEngineering][11] – [Grades P-12] Engineering lessons (free) [11]:

[Khan Academy][12] – [Grades P-12] Math and Science short lessons and modules (free, when free account created) [12]:

[][13] – [Grades P-12] Coding lessons and activities (free, can store progress when free account created) [13]:

[Nearpod Lesson Bank][14] – [Grades P-12] Lessons across all subjects (some free, some premium) [14]:

[Typing Club][15] – [Grades 3-12] 600+ lessons to guide students through learning how to type on a keyboard (free) [15]:

[Elements of AI][16] – [Grades 8-12] Online course to learn basics of AI with no prior coding knowledge or experience (free, when free account created) [16]:

Sphero content – [Grades P-12] Do you have a Sphero in your classroom? The company have shared resources to use in conjunction with it.